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Rocker Nation

May 9th
0.5 ◎ ​5000 Supply

The Degen Rug DAO

2.5 ◎ ​​2509 Supply


1 ◎ ​800 Supply


0.78 ◎ ​4444 Supply


Phase 1

- Launchpad development
- Smart contracts deployment
- Community Building

Phase 2

- ​Website and Launchpad deployment
- ​Creating a Thorough Application Process
- ​Implementing Anti Rug Pull and Anti Bot Precautions
- Initial NFT Marketplace Development

Phase 3

- Launch our Thor NFTs
- Social media NFT Marketplace deployment
- Creation of STORM token
- Staking platform deployment
- Thor NFT evolution

Phase 4

- Project Spark V1 deployment
- Gen 2 Zeus NFTs
- NFT auction house
- P2P trading
- Project spark V2 deployment
- The Storm Metaverse

Phase 5

- Roadmap 2.0


What is our launchpad?

The Solana Storm launchpad will help assist creators mint their collections without any technical knowledge. 

How can I mint on Solana Storm?

Create a Solana Wallet (if you don’t have one) on Phantom, Sollet, or Solflare.

Deposit SOL into your wallet.

What are Thor's NFT Utilities?

Holding a Thor NFT will give you access to our affiliate program to receive airdrops of 50%

of Solana storms launchpad income and 25% of project sparks income. Holders involved in

our project hunters program who help directly find projects will receive a larger portion of the

pie! Holding Thor will give you free marketplace fees for all transactions on solana storms

marketplace. Staking your Thor will give you daily emissions of our native token Storm. Our

utilities will continue to evolve as we grow!

What is the Solana Storm Milestone Service?

After the mint, X% of the funds will be released to the partner.

The remainder of the funds will sit in escrow until specific milestones are achieved that are provided by the team. If the team fails to meet their milestones then the X% will be redistributed to the holders of the NFTs. 

Projects who partake in the milestone program, will receive a badge that will prove their credibility to the community showing that they are willing to withhold funds and work towards completing their promises

What i​s the Solana Storm Social Media Marketplace?

Solana Storm is The World's First Truly Decentralised, Non-Custodial, NFT Social Media

Marketplace BETA - Features include

- NFT PFP Verification

- Feed: Shows all Listed NFTs for Sale

- Non-Custodial: The NFT can be listed and it will never leave your wallet

- Bid on NFTs

- Like NFTs to create a 'watchlist'

-  Follow your Friends and Favourite Influencers

- Commenting on posts and messaging others coming soon

-  NFT bios coming soon

- Searching for collections and verified collections coming soon

What does a non custodial marketplace mean?

Solana Storm allows you to list and get offers for your nft collection without it leaving your wallet, enjoy the benefits of holding your nft until it's sold!

What are the fees associated with the marketplace?

There is a 2% marketplace fee which occurs on every successful NFT sale, there are no other fees.

What is Project Spark?

Project spark is the first mergers and acquisitions NFT marketplace. Solana Storm allows

you to list your collection or search for acquisition for NFT companies. Whether you're a

failing company or a successful company looking for an exit will help find the suitable partner

and complete the transition successfully!

Will there be Staking?

Yes staking will be available to Thor holders. Holders of Thor will earn daily emissions of

Storm tokens which will have many utilities!

What services does solana storm provide if we launch with you and what are
the fees?

Solana Storm charges an 10% fee to launch.

Solana Storm will ensure a safe and secure mint for our partners.

Solana Storm covers our partner’s arweave fees. 

Solana Storm has built in anti bot scripts to ensure our partners mint is fair. 

Solana Storm can help with artwork generation, WL token creation / air drops & smart contract creation.

Solana Storm offers a Milestone Service.